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D-xylose degradation IV

State Icon Reaction EC-Number Confidence maximal confidence score from EnzymeDetector
D-xylono-1,5-lactone + H2O <=> D-xylonate + H+ xylono-1,5-lactonase

D-xylose + NADP+ <=> D-xylono-1,5-lactone + NADPH + H+ D-xylose 1-dehydrogenase (NADP+, D-xylono-1,5-lactone-forming) aldose 1-dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] L-arabinose 1-dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] D-xylose 1-dehydrogenase (NADP+, D-xylono-1,4-lactone-forming) glucose 1-dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+]

D-xylonate <=> H2O + 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-xylonate xylonate dehydratase

glycolate + NAD+ <=> H+ + NADH + glyoxylate glyoxylate reductase L-lactate dehydrogenase D-lactate dehydrogenase glycerate dehydrogenase glyoxylate reductase (NADP+) glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (NAD+) hydroxypyruvate reductase oxaloglycolate reductase (decarboxylating) glycolate dehydrogenase

glycolaldehyde + acceptor <=> glycolate + reduced_acceptor + H+ 1.2.99

2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-xylonate <=> glycolaldehyde + pyruvate 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-L-pentonate aldolase 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-pentonate aldolase L-threo-3-deoxy-hexylosonate aldolase 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-phosphogluconate/2-dehydro-3-deoxy-6-phosphogalactonate aldolase 4-hydroxy-2-oxovalerate aldolase

acetyl-CoA + H2O + glyoxylate <=> H+ + (S)-malate + CoA malate synthase isocitrate lyase

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